Winning! Palestinian Terrorist and Leader of Women’s March Stripped of U.S....

Convicted ‘Palestinian’ terrorist and leader of ‘A Day Without a Woman’ march, Rasmea Odeh, 69 is being stripped of her U.S. citizenship and will...


susan dey

Wikileaks Ready to Publish CIA Intercepts of Angela Merkel !!

Susan Dey Obama and Hillary’s nightmare is not going away! They are again under huge attack! WikiLeaks is striking again, oh god, this is amazing! Wikileaks unveiled...


Barack Obama net worth

Barack Obama Panicking After Damning Secret About Malia Leaks!

Barack Obama net worth Michelle and Barack Obama have worked hard to keep the details of their daughters’ lives hidden from the public. So they...


Michelle Obama In Hot Water After She Does This On Camera!

During her time as First Lady, Michelle Obama has made a habit out of scolding Americans about their eating habits. While speaking to the graduates...

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