Joe Scarborough Just Ripped Bill Clinton Apart! Watch Bill Clinton Get Completely Destroyed!


Bill Clinton recently came out saying that Trump was not very smart and elected by angry white males when in reality he is the angry white male that won Trump the election.

Bill Clinton’s numerous scandals were monumental in the defeat of Hillary Clinton because whether Hillary Clinton was complicit in them or just defending her horrible husband she was directly connected to them.

Now Joe Scarborough just ripped Bill Clinton apart for being a hypocrite and whining.


The Clintons still can’t get used to the fact that all of their loop holes and back door dealings are not only ruining them but also lost them the election.

Hillary Clinton’s emails show that she should be in jail, yet she somehow doesn’t go to jail. She should count her blessings while she’s got them and move on because the American people have chosen.

Bill Clinton should look himself in the mirror the next time he complains about angry white men because he is the definition and blaming other people for Hillary Clinton’s loss is childish and just shows the true nature of the Clintons.

This is how they act when they don’t get their way and now that Trump has been elected they are not going to be getting their way anymore.

Title Image screengrab from video above

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