Trump Just Saved Israel With Only One Move!

Image source: Author: The White House

Trump is a great man! Look what he just did to save Israel form it’s enemies!

He stopped massive payment from the White House to Palestinian government, something that is clearly against Israel interests and demands.

After the revelation on Monday that Obama had quietly and quickly approved a $221 million payment to the Palestinian Authority just hours before Trump’s inauguration ceremony, the State Department says it will investigate the matter and stop the payment if it’s inappropriate.

Great move by Trump! So he is going to stop this massive amount of money to end up in the hands of the Palestinians. That will protect Israel, because Palestinians are using that money to by rockets and other weapons and fight against Israel killing hundreds of Israelis.

Trump also promised that he is going to put American embassy in Jerusalem, that will be a great boost for Israel.

Also he is going to allow Israeli settlements on the west bank, so things are going to move greatly in Israel favor!

Trump will protect Israel, he is going to help them, and American people will approve that!

We are the strongest allies to Israel, we are going to help them forever, we are closest friends with them and that has to stay like that for a long time!


(h/t) The Blaze

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