Brawl Erupts At NBC On Live TV About Trump!


Liberal mass media are in big troubles! They admit by themselves on live TV that they are biased against Trump!!!

Things got tense on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday after two of the network’s hosts were called out for their perceived liberal bias — by their own colleague.

To see Russians happy because Trump won — on election night I never saw you so unhappy. You picked sides. Everybody picked sides,” CNBC host Rick Santelli told “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd and NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell.

Santelli’s comment prompted immediate blowback from both NBC employees.

Rick Santelli is so right! At least he has balls to admit it! He works there, but he admits that the network is biased!

That was the biggest problem during this election. Mass media failed to inform the American people!

That’s why Trump used social media, talk radio, small web sites and rallies to reach to the people!

And he did it! His charisma his great political program his great attacking mode against Hillary, and WikiLeaks, helped him to won the election!

Now he should show what he can do!

We strongly believe that he is going to be the best US president ever!

(h/t) The Blaze

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