Breaking: BBC Just Blatantly Compared Trump To Watergate


In a bold if poorly thought out move by one of our “allied” nation’s media outlets

BBC just compared Trump to Watergate saying: The row over the US attorney general’s denial that he met a Russian official when he had in fact done so is leading to comparisons with the most notorious political scandal in US history – Watergate. Naturally it didn’t end there as you’ll see in the following snippets.

But are there really parallels between the Trump administration’s alleged links to Russia and what happened 45 years ago?

One similarity is that the DNC, the target of the Watergate break-in, was also targeted in last year’s US election campaign, when emails were stolen and leaked.

US intelligence agencies say Russia was behind the DNC hack, though Russia denies any involvement.

Russia is believed to have wanted Mr Trump to win the election. An unverified report apparently compiled by a private intelligence firm claimed Russia had compromising information on Mr Trump and was in a position to blackmail him.

Some commentators – including former President George W Bush’s ethics lawyer Richard Painter – now fear the Russian connection could make Watergate seem trivial. ~ BBC

What does this mean?

The article goes on at length trying to sell the notion that Russia was instrumental in Trump’s election, tries to gloss over Sally Yates working against the President and makes it sound as though she was terminated for no apparent reason. Add to that the whole idea that Jeff Sessions is “Dogged by controversy,” and you have a recipe for Liberal cocktail. I tried one once, it tasted artificial. That was my opinion, and that’s how I’ve presented it.

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