California Democrats Are Trying To Favor Kamala Harris In The 2020 Elections!


Democrats have learned absolutely nothing from the 2016 election. Their voters experienced that the primary procedure was rigged to prefer Clinton, and it had been. Democrats in California want to change the date of the primary for the 2020 elections to favor Senator Kamala Harris.

Politico reviews:

How California could fix the 2020 elections.

California is actually pushing ahead with intent to change the state’s primary from June to March. This shift could scramble the 2020 elections as well as swing the first fundraisings from the campaign towards the West.

Furthermore, if accepted by the legislature this week and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, the primary would distribute California huge haul of representatives just after the nation’s first competitions in Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Kamala Harris from California is favored by the Democrats in the 2020 elections

The primary could benefit at least 2 possible presidential candidates from California — Senator Kamala Harris and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. This will endanger the projections of other contenders who will scuffle to raise funds to contend in expensive media outlets.

“In all possibility, the champion of the California primary will be the nominee.” said Don Fowler, the former Democratic National Panel chairman from South Carolina.

There might be over twenty Democrats nominated in the 2020 elections. But it seems as Kamala Harris is the favorite this time.

Following the 2016 Democratic Primary, there were clearly lots of discussions about Democratic primaries to be more transparent. It was simply talking, evidently. The party’s main voters aren’t going to like this at all.

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