How Convenient! California Just Came Crawling To Trump For 1 Reason Only! See How Desperate They Are!

California has always been a Democrat stronghold and it is a major state that give the Democrats any chance of winning the presidency and so it is not surprising to see that they do not support President Trump and haven’t ever, especially with representatives like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters from your state.

The problem is that California is now having yet another weather related disaster with severe weather storms that has already done tons of property damage.

So they disown and don’t acknowledge President Trump but once they need a handout they come crawling back and expect everything to be forgotten?

From Fox40:

Gov. Jerry Brown has asked President Trump to declare a major disaster for California because of damage from January storms.

The letter sent Friday says the relentless series of storms caused flooding, mudslides, evacuations, erosion, power outages and at least eight deaths. Northern California was hardest hit.

Brown says the storm system was so severe and widespread that state and local governments need federal assistance to continue dealing with the problems it created.

While we should provide help for Americans that are in need because that’s what a president is supposed to do, the Californian Democrats have been biting the hand that feeds them for far too long!

They should realize that President Trump is in charge of helping them now so they should respect him and the office that he holds instead of attacking him constantly.

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H/T The Gateway Pundit

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