Celebrities Attack Trump At This Year’s Emmy Awards! This Is The End For Hollywood Box Office!


The entire list of celebrities bashing Trump yesterday evening demonstrated Hollywood continues to be out of touch with popular America.

However, this particular list was created by Buzz and The Daily Mail.

The lowlights in absolutely in no particular order.

Alec Baldwin received the Emmy for exceptional supporting actor in a series for playing President Trump on Saturday Night Live.

“Mr. President here is your own Emmy,” Baldwin stated referencing Trump’s failing to win for ‘The Apprentice. ’ He included that this “Orange wig turned out to be effective’ birth control. ”

Some things Alec are best held private.

Lily Tomlin, as well as Jane Fonda, stated, “and in 2017 we continue to refuse to become controlled by a sexist, acquisitive, lying, hypocritical bigot. ”

Furthermore, the Emmy award for lead actor goes to Donald Glover for comedy series. He said,

“I wish to thank Trump for making black people number 1 on the majority of an oppressed list – he has the reason I am most likely up here. ”

That’s is actually little much even for Hollywood don’t you think?

Because Trump stated America’s racial split is not healed through Obama and we cannot expect miracles from him in such a short time.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who won lead actress in a series stated,

“We do have a story-line about a good impeachment, however, we have forgotten that simply because we were concerned that another person might get into it first. ”

Sean Spicer surprised the audience simply by even appearing and then actually made jaws drop along with,

“This would be the largest target audience to see an Emmys. In person, and round the world. ”

John Lithgow stated,

“First and most important, I want to say thanks to Winston Churchill. In these insane times, his life gives out a sensation what bravery and command in federal government looks like.”

Kumail Nanjiani stated in launching the nominees for exceptional reality-competition system,

“They additionally celebrate individuals who frantically race across worldwide borders and the ones who can range walls truly, really rapidly. Put simply, the actual president’s most severe nightmare. ”

And obviously, Steven Colbert who mentioned amongst his numerous vicious shots at Trump,

“But he didn’t. Simply because unlike the actual presidency, Emmys proceed to the winner of the well-known vote. ”

“Obviously, there’s absolutely no way anyone could watch a whole lot TV, besides the president, who has a lot of time for this sort of things. Hello mister, thank you for connecting with us! Getting excited about the twitter posts. ”

“We know that the greatest TV celebrity of this past year is Donald Trump. Absolutely no, we may be offended, but he is the biggest celebrity. And Alec Baldwin, obviously.

“However you are feeling about the president, you can not deny that each show had been influenced by Donald Trump somehow. All of the late night displays, obviously, ‘House of Cards,’ the brand new season of ‘American Horror Story.”

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