#CHARLOTTESVILLE While Media and Politicians Stir the Pot…Are We Missing the Elephant in the Room?


A tweet caught my eye after exploring all of the hate and violence posted from Charlottesville. Did you dig deeper and do you know: Who Paid For Helmets, Bus Rentals, Body Armor on both sides in Charlottesville? Are we missing the elephant in the room? Is this event being used for political purposes (see VA Gov. McAuliffe video below) to shut down free speech and to denounce President Trump who has NO CONNECTION to any of these radical groups? George Soros must be so proud right now…

What’s missing in all of the news reports is that the group that got permission to rally (we don’t agree with them but they got permission to rally) was infiltrated by bussed in Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs who are very violent. Remember Berkeley? The rally then became a violent mob…Was this the plan by the left when they bussed in hundreds in opposition? A perfect scenario for the left…

George Soros of MoveOn.org was advertising for protesters too:

The Truth is that Trump supporters and most Americans on both sides reject this violence! It’s being used as a tool to destroy the Trump supporters and Trump!

My feelings were confirmed when Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe waisted no time in denouncing white nationalists but this sounds more like a political stump speech than anything else. Notice how he didn’t denounce BLM or Antifa:

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Gary Maher
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