Fox News’ Chris Wallace Welcomes Top Senate Democrat On LIVE TV!

Trump is being attacked all over the place! He is being stubbed in the back, he is being attacked from the media, from the CIA and NSA, from some crazy GOP losers, and the biggest attack is coming from liberals!

There is almost a month how he is in office, and less than half of his cabinet is being confirmed?! WOW! This is nasty, ugly and insane! This kind of obstruction is unbelievable!

Fox News host Chris Wallace grilled top Senate Democrat Sen. Ben Cardin (Md.) on “Fox News Sunday” on Sunday over why less than half of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet has been confirmed more than three weeks into his presidency.

Wallace pointed out that by this time in Barack Obama’s first term, he had 12 Cabinet nominees confirmed while George W. Bush had his entire Cabinet confirmed by the third week. Those facts led Wallace to question Cardin point blank why Senate Democrats are acting as obstructionists. “Senator, isn’t this blatant Democratic obstruction?” Wallace asked Cardin candidly.

Not at all, we can’t stop these nominees, we know that,” Cardin replied. “What we’re trying to do—” “But you’re doing everything you can to slow it down,” Wallace interjected.

Watch the exchange below:

Why are liberals doing this?! What’s their intention?! They know that they could not stop him with this, so they are just making a show and slowing him down, so this is going to cost America and the American people a lot!

So they are working against the American people?! We knew that long time ago, but this is sick to the bone!

They should never ever be elected in the American congress! They are bunch of scumbags! Trump is going to show them all that he is the best president ever!


(h/t) The Blaze

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