Cyber Security Legend and Developer of McAfee Weighs in On Russia “Hacking” CIA Claims”

Only 11 days until President Elect Donald Trump swears his oath, to be the leader of the free world, and the left is still pushing the “Russian Hacking Narrative.

Mainstream media figure heads continue to insist that Vladimir Putin personally ordered and orchestrated a cyber attack on the DNC WITHOUT ANY PROOF. The hack on the DNC was in fact traced to Russia, however up until now the FBI and intelligence agencies did not analyze the hack itself.

The nature of the hack points to the handiwork of a novice, and not that of the advanced state party capabilities, of the Kremlin.

The hack was analyzed by top intelligence officials and the findings were presented to the American people. Startling enough, the hacker didn’t bother to cover his/her tracks very well.

Legendary cyber security expert and developer of McAfee security, John McAfee, had this to say about the official hacking report released.

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I find it odd that a very capable Kremlin and ex KGB agent in Putin, would be so negligent, in doing something this nefarious and consequential.

I also find it upsetting that the DNC ignored multiple warnings from the FBI to bulk up their cyber security.

But most of all I find it extremely irresponsible and dangerous to slander a nuclear power, in Russia, to justify a beating the left took in this election.

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