BREAKING: Democrats Just Spat In The Face of Every Police Officer! See How They Hate Our Brave Officers!

The Democrats truly don’t care about the brave men and women that protect and serve to keep us safe at home.

Earlier this week Congressman Duncan Hunter a Republican from California took down a controversial painting in the hall of the Capitol Building.

The painting in question depicts police officers as pigs, hence why Congressman Hunter took the painting down, but of course the Democrats are going to make a grand issue about a painting that insults the brave men and women that protect our homes and neighborhoods.

The Democrats are going to rehang the painting on National Police Appreciation Day!

These people truly are disgusting. I guess they don’t care about the people that solve crimes and are first responders.

Huffington Post’s Matt Fuller posted a Before and After of the painting.

Our country has much graver things to be focusing on than a painting and causing an issue that is obviously just inciting and insulting to the brave men and women that keep us safe at night.

The painting by St. Louis student David Pulphus was selected as a winner of a Congressional art contest in 2016 and depicts the Ferguson, Missouri anti-police riots.

Thank you Congressman Hunter for standing up for our brave police officers and let’s not let the Democrats insult them on a day we should be showing them appreciation for the hard work they do!

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