The Disturbing Truth About Michelle Obama’s African Vacation Leaks …


Michelle Obama is currently on a lavish vacation to Africa and Spain with her two teenage daughters, Sasha and Malia.

According to Western Journalism, Michelle claims she is taking this trip solely to promote her Let Girls Learn initiative, whose goal is to assist young girls in obtaining a quality education. At each stop, Michelle has made a point to talk to girls about the importance of education.

I want you to keep fighting and stay in school. I’m here to shine a big, bright light on you,” she told one group of girls.

However, Political Insider took a very different view of Michelle’s trip.

Contributor Kosar pointed out that Sasha and Malia are enrolled in a ritzy private school, which cost the pair $70,000 per year in tuition. He also noted that after taking a year off, Malia is planning to attend Harvard University, which costs $59,950 per year. He couldn’t help but question  the relevance of two spoiled young girls visiting a country for six days in an effort to improve the education issue.

This trip to Morocco will accomplish nothing, while taxpayers will receive a bill for millions of dollars in airfare, security, hotels, designer clothes and upscale restaurants,” he wrote. “This is simply the Obama family using their final opportunity to take an extended ‘free’ vacation while still in power. Outrageous!


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