BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Obamacare Plans Revealed! See What He Has Planned For It …!

Obamacare is in it’s last days of existence! Donald Trump is finally going to put an end to the thing that is crippling our economy!

Donald Trump wants Obamacare repealed by the time he is sworn in!

From the New York Times:

President-elect Donald J. Trump pressed Republicans on Tuesday to move forward with the immediate repeal of the Affordable Care Act and to replace it very quickly thereafter, saying, “We have to get to business. Obamacare has been a catastrophic event.”…

…Mr. Trump, who seemed unclear about the timing of already scheduled votes in Congress this week, demanded a repeal vote “probably some time next week,” and said “the replace will be very quickly or simultaneously, very shortly thereafter.”…

…“It’s a catastrophic event,” he said. “I feel that repeal and replace have to be together, for very simply, I think that the Democrats should want to fix Obamacare. They cannot live with it, and they have to go together.”…

…“It may not get approved the first time, and it may not get approved the second time, but the Democrats who will try not to approve it” will be at risk, warning that “they have 10 people coming up” for re-election in 2018. That alluded to Democratic senators in states he won…

…“I won some of those states by numbers that nobody has seen. I will be out there campaigning,” he said.

Obama claims to have created 10 million jobs, but 95% of them were part time or contract work and the reason why they aren’t full time is because companies can’t afford to foot the insurance bill and only will pay part time employees.


Thankfully Obamacare’s days are numbered and we can figure out a system that will actually work and not cripple our economy.

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