GET OUT OF HERE! Elizabeth Warren’s Reason For Trump’s Victory Proves How Lost She Is!

Elizabeth Warren seems to be losing it more and more everyday as she tries to stop President Trump and keeps getting shut down time and time again.

Just like when she claimed to be Native American and President Trump shut down that rumor immediately and turned it into the nickname “Pocahontas.”

Elizabeth Warren has now given her “expert” opinion on why President Trump was able to take the Rust Belt States and ultimately destroy Hillary Clinton in the states that she was never supposed to lose.

Senator Warren appeared on the other notable liar and exaggerator Rachel Maddow to explain just exactly how President Trump was able to do the impossible.

Warren believes that a “huge stew of racism” is to blame.

Yeah because Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are definitely going to support the Democrats after they get called racists.

Leave it to the Democrats to miss the obvious.

Why is is so hard to see that President Trump won because he worked hard and made a connection with the American people?

The Democrats would rather blame others than accept responsibility for running a criminal for president and one that didn’t campaign in the very states that Elizabeth Warren claims are wildly racist.

Share this with every person you know in these states so we can show Elizabeth Warren how we feel about being called racists.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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