Trey Gowdy Is Hitting The Democrats Hard! FBI And The DOJ Are Being Subpoenaed On Trump File!


A notorious and proven-false file regarding President Trump has been distributed in the past years. Many queries have been elevated about the origin. Trey Gowdy is finally asking the right questions. He subpoenaed the FBI and the DOJ about the file. Democrats are pissing their pants.

And now we are learning that possibly FBI under Obama ordered the actual falsified file. The legislature has investigated this issue but people who know the truth are silent.

Furthermore, Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor, is actually issuing subpoenas to the FBI and DOJ demanding answers!

The ashington Examiner described:

“During the bickering between Democrats in Congress and the FBI over the Trump file, we subpoenaed them and the DOJ. This is involving the file and the FBI’s possible role in supporting the opposition research against Donald Trump. This was most notable in the final months of the presidential campaign.”

This is a sign of rising frustration over the FBI and DOJ lack of collaboration in the Trump-Russia inquiry.

Gowdy to push on Democrats, FBI and The DOJ to hand over the Trump file documents

Gowdy did not want to take this task, but Democrats have pushed his hand. He’s mad:

“We got nothing,” said Trey Gowdy who is taking a leading role in the Trump file investigation. Nor the witnesses or the documents have been provided by the FBI or the DOJ, he stated.

Gowdy said the FBI replied that they need more time, and compliance can interfere in an ongoing investigation. No matter the reason, the files haven’t been issued yet. However, the DOJ hasn’t responded yet. Democrats are scared more than ever …

“A subpoena is the last thing that should be used,” Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, said.

There is certainly so much to understand about this fake Trump file. However, it’s the main scandal if they used taxpayer money to smear a candidate. The FBI and the DOJ do not have any business trying to affect the outcome of the Presidential political election.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson explained the problem recently:

This really is becoming more and more serious. Thankfully, Trey Gowdy is here to save the day!

What are your thoughts on Trey Gowdy bossing around the FBI and DOJ? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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