FBI: Russia Hacked Republican State Campaigns!


Oh my god, James Comey did it again! He shocked the nation!

Russia hacked into Republican state political campaigns and old email domains of the Republican National Committee but there is no evidence it successfully penetrated President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign, FBI Director James Comey said on Tuesday.

Comey also told lawmakers Russia did not release information obtained from the state campaigns or the old RNC email domains.

U.S. intelligence agencies on Friday released an assessment that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a covert effort to help Republican Trump’s electoral chances by discrediting Clinton.

But now we know that Russians hacked Republicans too! So they were fighting against both sides!

But maybe there was no crime in GOP?! Maybe that’s why they did not handed those emails to WikiLeaks.

We will never now, or maybe we will?! Maybe US government agencies should examine and explore everything about this and show to the public what was really happening in US during the election!

No matter what happens, Trump won because American people wanted to! He is a real winner and his victory is pure and real!

Democrats should stop whining and crying! They are embarrassing themselves! We respected them much more before this loss!

They are disgrace to their rich history! They are a complete joke! They are ruined and on their knees so they have a lot of work to do, whining is not going to help them!

Also they should give Trump a chance, that is fair and politically ok!

(h/t) reuters.com

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