CONSERVATIVE Has Message For “DREAMERS” Screaming “He’s not my President!” and It’s HILARIOUS!


Remember when illegal aliens, students, and residents of Berkeley took to the streets to march in solidarity, and publicly affirm that President Donald Trump is “Not my President!”?

It’s really not surprising to see ILLEGAL ALIENS boldly chanting “He’s not my President!” after our former president promised them unconstitutional citizenship rights. Should anyone really take an illegal alien seriously who shouts that President Trump is “not my President,” when in fact, their “president” is actually in another country?

But then again, what difference does law and order make to students and non-citizens who are used to living under a president, like Barack Obama who openly defied both?

Conservative Twitter user Brooks Brown hit the nail on the head with his tweet to “‘Dreamers’ standing on our soil belching that Trump’s ‘NOT MY PRESIDENT’” by reminding them that their “dreams have gladly come true.”

The photo Brown used in his tweet was taken from a video that was filmed during the 2016 campaign season. A group of illegal aliens gathered together to protest Trump on a corner in advance of his arrival at a campaign event in Arizona. This video is just one example of the sweet “dreamer” children the left is so concerned about protecting and giving amnesty to. The video below is a disgusting video laced with vulgarity featuring “dreamers” who would like President Trump to give them amnesty.

***Language WARNING****


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Gary Maher
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