70 Percent Of The Japanese Population Approve Of Shinzo Abe’s Trump Visit

A Japanese polling firm has found that over 70 percent of Japanese people approve of Shinzo Abe's recent meeting with Donald Trump.

A Japanese polling firm has found that over 70 percent of Japanese people approve of Shinzo Abe’s recent meeting with Donald Trump.

This new found friendship between Japan and America has seemed to have attracted multinational support from both Japan and America,with over 70 percent of people approving of trump and Abe’s close friendship.

This new special relationship that has been formed was on full display in a recent press conference,where by mr Abe said that “President Trump has just made it clear in our leaders’ summit that the United States is with Japan 100 percent at all times, and he is standing next to me right now in order to demonstrate that will,”.

The United States also doubled down on the close relationship between the united States and Japan,with with Trump telling reporters that “The United States of America stands behind Japan, its great ally, 100 percent.”.

Some political opponents in Japan slammed Abe for not confronting Trump and for not asking him about his recent travel ban order.The Japanese leader however was very clever not to confront Trump over his Travel ban.As Japan itself has a similar type of ruling in place.With Japan only accepting 0.26 percent of foreigners applying for refugee status in 2016.

Japanese Analysts said it was not surprising that Mr. Abe could get along so well with Mr. Trump.As He was the first world leader to meet with the president-elect in November at Trump Tower in New York after the election and the second, after Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain, to meet with President Trump after the inauguration.They immediately have established a relationship and its only going to get better and grow further.

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