Jason Chaffetz Vows To Continue Clinton Email Investigation!

Oh man, the biggest Hillary nightmare is coming true! She is going to be investigated, her crimes are not going to be forgotten!!!

WOW! This is powerful! Nobody expected this! Trump and FBI forgive her, but not all are in the same mode, thankfully!

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said Monday he will continue to investigate Hillary Clinton’s use of a primary email server while leading the State Department, but claimed he “won’t be a cheerleader” for President-elect Donald Trump.

Just because there was a political election doesn’t mean it goes away,” the Utah Republican said of the Clinton investigation.

He called the classified emails that surfaced on the server “the largest breach of security in the history of the State Department.

Great decision! Great man! America need more people like this!

We should never forgive politician for their mistakes and crimes! We have to go after them to the end!

So the next time, another politician should have in mind that we have a system that can go after you if you broke the law!

Trump promised that he will bring back law and order in America!

So GOP should step in and do their job and help Trump in this mission!

We have to be again a country of the law and order, where media are working for the people and not for the small corrupted elite!

Trump is going to deliver exactly that!

(h/t) CNN.com

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