LMAO: Loudmouth Jerry Brown Suddenly Needs Trump’s Help!


Jerry Brown. After 6 months of burning bridges and doing everything he could to oppose Trump… suddenly California’s Governer needs Federal Help.

Jerry Brown didn’t mind running his mouth when Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord — even though Congress had never authorized it as an official Treaty.

He had no trouble thumbing his nose at Trump with respect to Immigration and Sanctuary cities.

And then there was this gem:

Eric Holder’s law firm paid $25K a month by California taxpayers to fight Trump policies: Report (California might want a backup for Holder, especially if they reopen certain questions that went unanswered during the Obama administration.)

But suddenly the regulations that Jerry Brown OWN party put in place are becoming burdensome…

The heavily polluted San Joaquin Valley in California is looking to President Trump for help as the city becomes engulfed in its own pollution and continues to drown in federal fines.

Although the city has already spent more than $40 billion in enforcing anti-pollution policies, their skies are still dirty and their governor, Jerry Brown, could not care less as he pushes forward in tightening air quality standards that the district cannot meet. –Sacramento Bee

Doesn’t that situation PERFECTLY describe the Paris agreement that Trump turfed? Punitive fines, no results?

After six months of actively resisting his Presidency… NOW he needs Trump’s help? How do you think this is going to end, Jerry Brown?

This isn’t Obama he’s dealing with, here. Trump is a negotiator and Brown is in a classic ‘position of weakness’.

Let’s talk about ‘concessions’, Jerry Brown.

You’re ‘coming around’ to the idea of deregulation.

You ‘like’ the idea of scrapping fines — or at least avoiding their consequences.

What’s this help WORTH to you?

Let’s talk about walls. And immigration.

Let’s talk about a world of possibilities, and JUST how much NOT feeling the weight of your own Party’s bureaucracy is worth to you.

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Gary Maher
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