Joe Scarborough-“The Liberal 9th Circuit Of Appeals Decision Was Laughable”

Joe Scarborough commented on the recent travel ban court ruling saying that it was "Laughable" and "would be overturned".

Joe Scarborough commented on the recent travel ban court ruling saying that it was “Laughable” and “would be overturned”.

This is the full transcript of what Joe Scarborough said

“This decision, though, is laughable,” Scarborough conitnued. “This is, for me, the most disturbing part of the entire case. And by the way, at the end, this isn’t going to matter because I think the White House is going to fix it up, briefly fix it up. They could do a couple quick changes and take care of these problems. But the Ninth said, ‘The government has pointed to no evidence that any alien from any of the countries named in the order have perpetrated a terrorist attack in the United States.’ As if it is the executive branches job to actually get the Intel community in and say these are all the things that are going to happen. No, in fact, Barack Obama worked with a bipartisan Congress to come up with these seven countries, not because there was specific attacks, but because they saw deteriorating security situation that they wanted to remedy. They wanted to prevent attacks. That’s the entire purpose of that.”

Scarborough commented on the decision saying that it was completely political and flawed.He even said that he actually didn’t agree with the executive order,however it was 100% legal.Scarborough also read out a section from the constitution that clearly stated and clarified the executive authority that Trump has when it comes to suspension of immigration from certain county’s.

this is not the only biased and wrong decision that the 9th circuit have made in the past with a Republican Congressman saying  that “One of these days the 9th circuit court of appeals may declare the Constitution unconstitutional.”As you can clearly see the 9th circuit of appeals has a problem with ruling on the law and not on a political agenda.

However the left would have you believe the 9th court isn’t biased as it has a republican appointed by George bush on it.However what they do not tell you is that this guy is a moderate neocon who is in the never trump rank of the Republican party.

It’s facts like that that seem to slip through Democrats heads.However lets all hope that this ruling is rightfully overturned by the Supreme court.As for to long now the Democrats have used the judicial system as a political device that will help them get their agenda through,whilst also stopping the republicans agenda from progressing forward.

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