What Kasich Just Said About Trump Voters Has Patriots Absolutely BOILING MAD!


Sadly, a lot of them were nothing but losers that had absolutely no chance or business throwing their hats into the ring to begin with.

One of those losers was Ohio Governor John Kasich. Few people in the political world have the very special talent Kasich possesses.

That is, the talent of being supremely forgettable. The guy simply has no redeeming qualities, which makes his run for president almost insulting to the intelligence of every non-liberal American.

As reported at the Angry Patriot Movement, since crashing and burning in the primaries, Kasich has become a vocal critic of Trump. Now he’s trying to cash in on his failed run, as he’s poised to release a book filled with all sorts of supposedly juicy tidbits from his time on the campaign trail.

In his book Two Paths: America Divided or United, Kasich blames Trump’s electoral win on groups ranging from the media to dishonest politicians, but also credited Trump’s win to what he thinks is the the spiritual decline of the nation.

“I happen to believe that you can’t guide an entire society without a shared religious foundation,” Kasich wrote.

I saw Trump’s reckless entreaties as a weakening of our shared American values–even more so, a coarsening of our shared American values … Donald Trump gave the impression of a man who would do or say anything to get attention, even incite a crowd to violence.”

While he certainly isn’t wrong about the spiritual decline, he’s completely wrong to attribute Trump’s win to it. Quite the opposite seems to be true, as Trump’s victory was actually a sign of spiritual resurgence and a desire to restore the Republic.

Trump never incited anyone to violence like he said either.

The only folks hurting others were the paid leftists that came to his rallies for the express purpose to incite and commit acts of violence, which they did on many occasions.

And since Trump has been president, the only people hurting others for their political beliefs are the radical leftists that have been protesting day and night.

But you won’t ever see the media report on it, they’ll just blame the “Nazis” and “right-wingers” for everything.

Kasich is just another one of those all-too numerous “ah-shucks” Republicans that want to play the “can’t we all just get along?” game. They’re losers that have never done a thing for the conservative movement.

They’d have us handing our freedoms over on a silver platter if it meant getting mentioned in the New York Slimes with the words “sensible” or “moderate” next to their names. Or better yet, getting invites to the DC cocktail circuit.

They’re a cancer that must be excised from the GOP. But if it isn’t possible to make the party actually be a champion for conservative values, then maybe it’s time to create a new one to compete with the RINO infested GOP.

Folks like Kasich need to step aside, because the time for hand-wringing and Mr. Nice Guy’s is over. We have a nation to take back, and limp-wristed losers like Kasich aren’t the kind of people that can help us do that.

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Gary Maher
Gary Maher has been writing seriously since 2010 and professionally since 2013. He has written professionally for three newspapers and seven websites. He also writes short stories and novels on the side. He maintains a staunch Republican mindset and believes the country is in desperate need of a conservative overhaul.