KKK Protests At Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing

Jeff Sessions’s Confronted By KKK Protestors Whilst Answering Questions's During His Confirmation Hearing

Republican Alabama senator Jeff Sessions’s,president-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Attorney General Was scheduled to face his confirmation hearing today however he was immediately interrupted by two men dressed in KKK costumes screaming and preaching their Black Lives Matter talking points.

Following on from these two men protesting and shouting racist talking points.They were then escorted out by the police force who were their specifically to remove protestors.

However these 2 men did not leave silently as when they left they started shouting, “You can’t arrest me, I am white!” and “White people own this government!” whilst also holding up a sign saying “Go Jeffie Boy” and “KKK”.

Pot activists arrived at the committee room at 4:20 am staging a sit in as they wore red shirts reading, “Great Americans Smoke Sessions.”

In addition to the racists KKK clowns and the Liberal pot heads,there were also numerous other protests throughout the hearing with the liberal organisation code pink attending the hearing and staging numerous interruptions with one one woman standing up shouting falsehoods about Jeff Sessions reported bad history in relation to civil rights.

Sessions history in civil rights was brought up in many cases during the confirmation hearings

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the chairman of the committee talked about the time were Sessions oversaw the investigation of Klansman member Francis Hays ‘for the brutal abduction and murder of a black teenager Michael Donald.’ saying that ‘He made sure that case was brought to state court where the defendant was eligible for and received the punishment that he justly deserved: the death penalty,’

Sessions even addressed why his nomination by President Ronald Reagan was thwarted saying all of the accusations that the media had been accusing him of were completely “false”

Sessions also added whilst talking about his civil rights record that he had been fighting against the KKK all of his life and that his civil rights record was something he was proud of and that it was sad the way people have been accusing him of things he did not do.

Senate democrats are going out of their way to block sessions however the law they put in place when Harry Reid was in charge now means the democrats are now helpless and will have to leave their left wing lunacy’s at home and start focusing on how they can help trump and his cabinet in Making America Again.

However they are not going down without a fight with some senate democrats promising a tough confirmation battle. One Democrat Cory Booker (D-NJ) is even scheduled to testify against Sessions.which is unprecedented in United States Politics

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