SHOCKING! Clinton’s Lawyers Under An Investigation For Deleting Clinton’s Emails!


A judge within Maryland has required an investigation into 3 of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers accused of deleting emails in the scandal that affected the Democrat’s 2016 presidential campaign.

One of the three lawyers who are under investigation is actually high-profile Clinton aide Cheryl Mills. Other lawyers are David E. Kendall and Heather Samuelson.

In case found guilty, the actual lawyers “could confront professional sanctions,” the Baltimore Sun documented.

At the middle of the investigation are the notorious 33,000 Clinton emails. These were removed amid the actual then-candidate’s personal email scandal.

While Clinton stated she never sent or obtained classified info, an FBI investigation discovered the opposite. Nonetheless, the FBI stated she didn’t knowingly send or even receive classified information through her personal email accounts.

Who are Clinton’s lawyers who deleted emails that are being investigated?

The Baltimore Sun has more information on the situation and the ramifications for Clinton’s lawyers:

Ty Clevenger, the Texas lawyer who comes from New York, submitted the complaint, stating these people deleted a large number of emails associated with a private email server Clinton used throughout her time as Secretary of State. He contended they done misconduct through destroying proof.

“My thesis is actually: In case you are a politically prominent lawyer, you are kept to a different standard, ” Clevenger said following the hearing. “I’ve seen this in Texas… I selected this case simply because I knew folks will pay attention. ”

However, the bar association dropped to review Clevenger’s complaint towards Clinton’s lawyers.

Mills, Kendall, and Samuelson have not left a comment on the brand new investigation. Keep tuned in for new advancements in the case.

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