The Letter That Trump’s Accountants Just Released Will Bring Democrats To Tears! Hint: It’s About Russia

The Democrats have been trying for over a year now to try and prove that President Trump was connected to Russian and somehow worked with them to influence the election.

Of course their is no evidence of this but that doesn’t stop them from claiming it.

The Democrats have even made the claim that because President Trump has business interests across the world that Russia could be holding him captive over his businesses.

Thankfully President Trump’s accountants finally put this issue to bed once and for all.

President Trump received no income from Russia AT ALL.

In a letter dated March 8, 2017, sent from Morgan Lewis’ Sheri A. Dillon and William F. Nelson, the firm that claims to “have served as tax counsel to [Donald Trump] and The Trump Organization (’TTO’) continuously since 2005, reaffirms President Trump’s statements that he doesn’t have business ties to Russia.

The Democrats just can’t stop taking losses at this point.

There were a few exceptions that President Trump’s business interests were connected to Russia.

The 2013 Miss Universe Pageant was held in Moscow, a Russian Billionaire bought one of President Trump’s estates in 2005, and there is the possibility that Russian citizens have bought at any time one of President Trump’s properties or condominiums.

Here is a copy of the letter:

When will the Democrats and media just stop the Russia story and move on with their lives?

Share this everywhere to show that President Trump has gotten ZERO money from Russian sources!

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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