THIS IS WAR! Lou Dobbs’ Guest Just Opened The Flood Gates On Comey Memos And Washington Post Leak!

Time and time again the lying mainstream media has not only shared potentially highly classified information, but also that President Trump and his administration are in an information war.

That is exactly what Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer a former CIA Analyst and retired U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel said during his appearance on Lou Dobbs.

President Trump is in an information war and it is his communications team that is dropping the ball and not getting in front of these leaks before the mainstream media can spread their lies about them.

The supposed Comey memos from a conversation between President Trump and James Comey are the most recent excuse for reporting from the mainstream media.

Like Shaffer says, neither the New York Times or MSNBC has seen these memos, but somehow they are reporting that they contain information on a meeting between President Trump and Comey where Trump asked Comey to stop the investigation of Michael Flynn.

Since when did the word of James Comey become so highly regarded?

This is the man that didn’t recommend charges against Hillary Clinton, the same man that reopened the investigation before the end of the election, the same man that hasn’t done his job at all to find the information leaks.

But suddenly he is a martyr for the liberal voice.

The alleged memos that no one has seen from James Comey should not be trusted when there is no evidence other than the word of Comey who “supposedly” wrote down information “to the best of his memory” on events.

And if these memos from Comey needed even more reason to not be trusted, they came out right after he was fired and wouldn’t the words of an angry man’s memory be possibly altered?

The mainstream media reports only rumors that are never corroborated and yet they get away with it.

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H/T The Gateway Pundit

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