(VIDEO) MSNBC Guest Accuses GOP Of Wanting To Repeal Obamacare In Order To Hurt Black People

WOW - THIS MSNBC GUEST Just Accused REPUBLICANS Of Wanting To Hurt Black People (VIDEO)

MSNBC has just proves yet again that they are completely delusional. I mean most modern Liberals on that show, are just hell bent on pushing the race related talking points.

From MRC

You can’t disagree with the Left anymore without some sort of ulterior motive ascribed to you- after all, if you were a good person, you would think like them.

It’s obvious to Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher, who appeared on Thursday’s The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, why Senate Republicans want to repeal Affordable Care Act: it’s because President Obama is black. While ObamaCare drove up premiums nationwide, decimated insurance exchanges and brought the United States one step closer to single-payer, Republicans- and by extension, the people who voted for them- just don’t like the fact that we had an “African-American President.”

He then went on to explain, that Republicans don’t care about healthcare. Instead they are worried and interested about nothing but killing every poor,old and black person in society.
Whilst, we know this is a typical response from Democrats the next thing he said was not. As he actually claimed that Republicans so despise the concept of an African-American President that they’d do anything to take any “legacy of him off the face of the planet.” Not because he was a radical progressive, but because of the melanin level in his skin.
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