North Korea Threatens To Attack America!

North Korea is making more and more military treats to America! This is very dangerous and serious, president Trump should be very smart and careful about this and react very soon with strong response!

We are getting information that Trump cabinet is even taking some calculating about possible military attack on North Korea as response to their constant treats with nuclear weapons!

North Korea warned Thursday that it is on alert and will carry out “merciless military counter-actions” if the U.S. and South Korea provoke the Kim Jong Un-led country, according to the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). The comments come on the heels of an annual joint military drill conducted by Washington and Seoul in the Korean Peninsula Wednesday.

The military exercises, called the Foal Eagle, will continue until the end of April and the South Korean defense ministry said a computer-simulated command post exercise known as Key Resolve will begin on March 13. Moreover, the U.S. will reportedly send strategic assets, including aircraft carriers and military vehicles to participate in the drills. The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and the B-1B and B-52 bombers will also be part of the drills.

Trump should try to see how will China react on this, but we should go and destroy this huge treat to America and our allies.

South Korea, China and others are very frightened by North Korea crazy attitude. Their leadership is out of commons sense, they are nuts, and America should end this sick story that is going on for so long.

Trump promised that he is going to be a strong leader, this is a great chance for him to show to America and the world how much strong he can be.

He promised to be a problem solver, North Korea is a problem lasting for decades, it is time to make them pay for their crazy treats to America, we should not allow countries to play games with us, that is dangerous for us.




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