BREAKING: NY Times, Washington Post, And Guardian Are Finished – The Kill Shot That Will End These Lying Organizations Exposed!

For the better part of a year the New York Times, Washington Post, and The Guardian have been propaganda factories for the Democratic Party in an attempt to take down President Trump, but those days seem to be coming to an end soon.

The New York Times claims to have the highest traffic they have had recently because of Donald Trump, but these numbers were a lie.

The only thing keeping these “news” outlets alive now are their billionaire owners that are bleeding money to keep them alive.

This is because all three of these sites have been buying traffic from China to make them seem credible and that they are still doing well, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The New York Times late last year vacated 8 floors of its flagship office in New York without explanation but now we have an explanation.

Looking at Alexa website rankings the evidence for Chinese paid clicks couldn’t be more obvious.

Seeing as the New York Times is banned from China it is very surprising to see that they have any traffic from China let alone as of January 1st a quarter of their overall traffic from China and as of yesterday half of their overall traffic.

Photo from Vessel News

They shouldn’t have any traffic from China yet now if makes up half of their traffic.

While The Washington Post and Guardian aren’t banned from China, but the percentage of their website traffic that has jumped over the last several months tells the same story.

A sudden jump from 3% to 59%  of traffic coming solely from China in a month for the Washington Post can only mean one thing. They are buying traffic to maintain their false narrative.

Photo from Vessel News

The story remains the same when you look at the Guardian. A jump from no traffic on December 4th and Chinese traffic making up 57% of their traffic two months later.

Photo from Vessel News

This is the kill shot we have been waiting for to take down these lying organizations. These organizations only serve to spread the liberal propaganda and to take down President Trump.

This is the time to show them for the liars and cheaters that they really are. These people don’t care about reporting the facts. They only want to manipulate and brainwash the American people!

Share this everywhere to take down these horrible organizations for good!

H/T Vessel News

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