Barack Obama Gave Iran 116 Metric Tons Of Uranium!

Oh no, Obama just screwed our ally Israel!!! He gave Iran over 10 metric tons of uranium?!?!

How can he do this?! This is insane!!! Why is he doing stupid things like this?! What is wrong with this man?!

Barack Obama’s administration, with the help of the rest of the P5+1 signatories of the Iran deal, has gifted Iran with enough uranium to make 10 simple nuclear bombs, a nuclear arms expert said Monday.

The transfer of 116 metric tons of uranium will come from Russia as a “thank you” in exchange for Iran’s export of tons of reactor coolant, the Associated Press reported in an exclusive.

In December, it was revealed that Iran received more than $10 billion in cash and gold in sanctions relief that critics worried may be used to fund terror groups and activities. The Obama administration denied having a role in that exchange.

Obama should go in jail for this! This is a pure treason!!!

Democrats are going to pay a huge price for these actions!

American people will never going to give them their vote again!

This is a total disgrace! Obama is a naive stupid idealist who do not understand the real world!

Thanks god we have Trump in the White House in right moment, he should fix all these mistakes made by Obama administration!

America will be strong and great again, GO TRUMP GO! American people is with you!

(h/t) The Blaze

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