Officially Calling Muslim Brotherhood “Terrorists”


“It is time to call this enemy by its name and speak with clarity and moral authority.” ~ Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas

In a move that would make U.S. funding of the group a criminal act, Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill that would potentially change the landscape of the organizations reach locally, and potentially globally.

While “The Brotherhood” claims to stand against extremism and supposedly promotes only moderate Islam by peaceful means, the founder of the American Muslim Alliance was quoted as saying to Fox News: “This group since its inception practiced killing crimes and terror attacks in the Arab world. In Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and other countries their clerics call for violence.”

Militants from The Brotherhood spin-off assassinated Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981.

The Palestinian terror group Hamas was founded by Muslim Brotherhood members and has been responsible for hundreds of terror acts in Israel that have claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians, including Americans.

Flag of Hamas courtesy of Wikipedia

Clerics supporting the Muslim Brotherhood aren’t all necessarily planning terror attacks, nor are they all decrying them. This makes it less of an organization whose policies are used to control or prevent terrorism, and more of a smokescreen for extremists to receive funding through support of more moderate affiliations.

President Trump has spoken openly against supporting the organization in the past, and Senator Cruz’s bill met with somewhat glib reaction by The Brotherhood:“We will choose lawful ways to resist this bill and we believe the American constitution and system will defeat this unfair bill.”

Egypt has already declared the group a terrorist organization in 2013, after associating it with a bombing on a police station which claimed 16 lives.

While it is unclear exactly how many lives have been lost directly or indirectly as a result of The Muslim Brotherhood, prudent caution is far more important than offended sensitivities.

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