SHOCKING STATEMENT: Nancy Pelosi Attacks The Republicans Are Putting Dreamers In Internment Camps Like In World War II!


Evidently, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t realize that Japanese individuals were put into internment camps through Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Democrat. Throughout a recent push appearance, the girl implied that is what Republicans are attempting to do to Dreamers.

The actual Washington Free Beacon documented:

Pelosi Indicates GOP Might Put Dreamers in Internment Camps, Compares Them to Japanese Americans Throughout World War II.

Pelosi joined the actual Congressional Asian Pacific United States Caucus in order to praise Dreamers, younger immigrants who were introduced illegally into the U.S. as kids, for “advancing the American dream using their courage and the optimism and the motivation. ” She thanked Congress present to be there prior to she cautioned that Dreamers may encounter the same destiny as Japanese Americans who had been interned throughout World War II.

“A week ago, I was in Chicago, and I noticed this artwork exhibit which I was asked to see. It is called ‘And then they came for me, ’ and it is about the internment of the Japanese-American patriots within our country who had been interned in to camps throughout World War II whilst their loved ones were fighting for independence for The United States and for the entire world in World War II ” Pelosi said.

“And now they are coming for your Dreamers, ” she carried on. “This is actually something-we owe these Dreamers for their patriotism, their bravery, their confidence to come ahead, but it is about The United States too. ”

Watch the video:

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