See the Personal Gift Justin Trudeau Gave President Trump During White House Visit!

President Trump is a great man. He is also not young, even old, so he knows a lot of people, he met many people during his career!

One of them was the father of current Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau. So he was positively surprised when he received very interesting photography of him and Justin father, former Canada prime minister, Pierre Trudau.

HOW NICE MOVE! This is amazing!

Canadian Prime Minister gave President Trump a sentimental gift during their White House meeting on Monday — a vintage photo of Trump with Trudeau’s father, the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

The president, who said the photo was taken at a Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York, expressed his appreciation for the gift as he and Trudeau participated in a roundtable discussion about women in the workforce at the White House on Monday.

I am honored to be here with Prime Minister Trudeau, whose father I knew and respected greatly,” Trump said. “And he gave me a picture of myself and your father, and what a great picture. I will keep that in a very special place at the Waldorf Astoria, together.

Although Trudeau has been critical of Trump in the past, the prime minister has said he hopes to “have a constructive working relationship with the incoming American administration.”

This is so nice! Canada and America should be close friends forever! Canada, UK and EU are always the best friends and allies to America, and that should be forever.

Together we can fight global terrorism, we can make great trade deals, we can give each other intelligence data, we can share technology, many things can be done together.

It’s great that there is a great chemistry between Trump and Trudeau, now we can see how Trump will work with German chancellor Merkel, she is the most important global leader, besides Vladimir Putin and Erdogan.

So, we wish president Trump will do his best! GO TRUMP, GO!


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