BREAKING: Secret Service Agent Was Let Go For Scary Reason! They Could Have Put Trump At Risk!

President Trump has had his share of betrayals and attacks from Democrats and the media in the two months of his presidency but this one is the worst of all.

Reports show that a top Secret Service official Kerry O’Grady was let go because it was discovered on her social media accounts that she “wouldn’t take a bullet” for President Trump.

This is extremely scary seeing as that her entire job description is to protect the president with her life.

This comes at a time when not one but two people have hopped the fence at the White House.

Agent Kerry O’Grady is currently on administrative leave pending an investigation into her Facebook comments.

There is a bigger problem though because someone that won’t fulfill their job duty shouldn’t get anything, but there are multiple people that are worried that higher ups in the organization are working to get Agent O’Grady transferred to a different post so that she can serve her time and get a pension.

Apparently this had been done before with people.

A Secret Service Agent is supposed to protect the president at all costs and if they aren’t willing to do that then they need to be fired and not protected so they can get their retirement package.

Share this everywhere so that President Trump gets the best protection possible!

H/T The Washington Examiner

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