US Secretary of Defense Says U.S. Would Shoot At N. Korea!

Oh god this is insane! US military is going to shoot at North Korea?! Oh my, this is scary!

Outgoing Secretary of Defense Ash Carter was on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday morning and took questions from host Chuck Todd on general U.S. defense responses to everything from Russian hacking to the war on the Islamic State to the lack of action on the Syrian red line.

Todd: “Is it policy now that if they test an intermediate range ballistic missile, the United States would shoot it down?

Carter: “If it were threatening to us, yes…or one of our friends or allies, yes we would shoot it down.

Watch the entire interview below:

This is insane! So now we are in war with North Korea and China?! So Trump is not yet in the White House, and he has war in Syria, war with ISIS, diplomatic war with Russia and military war with North Korea and China and huge problem with Iran who wants to have nukes and destroy Israel?!

Amazing! Obama is sabotaging Trump in all possible ways! Why is Obama escalating all problems to extreme?!

Is he so blind from hatred toward Trump?! Why he do not calm down and leave everything to Trump, he is our new president he should solve all our problems now…

Go home Obama! Stop making problems! American people voted for new strategy, for new policies, for new leader, no mind set!!!

(h/t) The Blaze

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