If You’re A Trump Supporter, America Says You’re Not Allowed To…



It should come as no surprise to any conservative to find out that when it comes to tolerance, liberals are severely lacking.

Yes, they fancy themselves as the party of the oppressed and of being open-minded and accepting of any behavior.

In reality, however, THEY’RE the oppressors.

Honest folks can come to this realization with interaction and experience alone. But thankfully, survey/polling entities exist, allowing us to get a decent grasp of the beliefs held by certain groups, so we can better understand them.

A recent survey took a look at how liberals feel about those who like Donald Trump, and the results are about what you’d expect.

Bottom line: If you had Democrat friends before last year’s presidential election, you likely don’t have those friends now.

As reported at the Federalist Papers, “almost half of liberal-leaning Democrats said that a friendship would be strained if they found out their friend had voted for President Trump.

The “tolerant”-Left strikes again.

Released on Thursday, the survey found that 47 percent of liberal Democrats admitted they’d have serious issues if a friend dared support the current president, but conservatives had a different view.

Only 25 percent of conservative and moderate Democrats said a friend backing Trump would hurt their friendship.

Interestingly enough, the poll also found that the greater the education was for a liberal, the more likely they were to be a Trump hater and incapable of tolerating a friend that supports him.

Well, looks like universities are still great at shoving propaganda down students’ throats. “Free-thinkers” they most certainly are not.

Overall, a shocking 59 percent of Americans said it is “stressful and frustrating” to talk with those who have a different opinion about Trump.

Nearly 70 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters said so, while 52 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning respondents agreed.

In other words, liberal snowflakes get triggered whenever they encounter a Trump supporter. Hopefully they plan ahead and bring extra diapers whenever they venture away from the coastal cities they infest.

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Gary Maher
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