U.S. to ban foreign airline passengers from carrying big electronics!!!

Trump is very serious in the war against ISIS!

He is not going to allow ISIS to attack America on his watch!

For that reason he ordered new ban! WE LOVE THIS GREAT MAN!

U.S. authorities are planning to ban passengers traveling on certain U.S.-bound foreign airline flights from carrying on larger electronic devices in response to an unspecified terrorism threat, a U.S. government official told Reuters.

The official said no American carriers are impacted by the ban, which would involve devices larger than a cell phone.

The new rule is expected to be announced on Tuesday by the Homeland Security Department and cover about a dozen foreign carriers.

Trump is very brave! He knows that liberals will scream about the new ban but he do not care!

He cares only about America’s safety and people’s interest!

He is not going to try to be liked by everybody!

We think that he is going to be the best president ever!

America will be great again!


(h/t) reuters.com

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