MANDATORY Drugs Testing In North Carolina! After Testing The Welfare Candidates, The Results Were SHOCKING…


There is a growing tradition within the North Carolina society. Apparently, they feel that the federal government should be monetarily responsible for the actual people receiving federal government welfare, even though they’re willfully irresponsible.

More Than 20 People on Welfare Tested Positive For Drugs!

Yet, in North Carolina progressive tradition hasn’t reached Congress. Here welfare candidates have to take a drug verification test, to be able to meet the criteria for benefits.

As suspected the outcomes were eye-opening. However, around a quarter of all of the candidates tested positive for drugs. Furthermore, more specifically 21 from 89 people tested positive and will no more receive welfare benefits.

Additionally, those that test positive have to pay back their state the $55 dollar screening fee, that actually works as a discouraging factor for those utilizing drugs, in this over 70-candidates who were scheduled to take the test, in no way troubled to show up.

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