BREAKING: WikiLeaks Just Blew Up So Called “Intelligence Report” On Trump! See Them Shut Down The Lying Liberal Media!


The Liberal media won’t stop pushing the BS lies and Democratic propaganda and now they have gone too far!

They are now claiming from a “intelligence report” that they say multiple times is UNVERIFIED that the Russians have blackmail of Donald Trump.

Thankfully WikiLeaks just called BULLSHIT on the liberal fake news like CNN, Buzzfeed, etc the list is endless.

Again let me repeat this report as reported by these so called “news” organizations is UNVERIFIED!

If any organization was to know what an authentic report would look like it would be WikiLeaks the one with a record of 100% for sharing authentic documents and they just called this one complete Bullshit.

And the other thing that shows no credibility would be the fact that the people that compiled the report were all anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats.

If everything about it smells like Bullshit than theres only one thing it could be …


This is just another disgusting example of the liberal media trying to sabotage Trump and his credibility before he gets in office. They probably got the plot for their fictitious report from Bill Clinton for all we know.

Share this everywhere to show that WikiLeaks just called the lying liberal media out BIG TIME!

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