Wikileaks Ready to Publish CIA Intercepts of Angela Merkel !!

Susan Dey

Obama and Hillary’s nightmare is not going away!

They are again under huge attack! WikiLeaks is striking again, oh god, this is amazing!

Wikileaks unveiled their biggest CIA document drop ever last week dubbed ‘Vault 7’, exposing the CIA’s global hacking force.
Today, they taunted U.S. National Security circles as they gear up for their next document drop.

The whole world is stunned, this is awesome.

Germany is now going to scream and fight back against US, Trump will have to apologize in Obama’s name.

Obama and Hillary made so many crimes, they ruined America and they ruined our friendship with so many countries.

Trump will have to fix all of that mess, he will have to rebuild America, return the law and order in the country, and fix our broken relations with our allies.

We believe that Trump will succeed in this project!

America will be great again!

He is going to be the best president ever!

We all are going to live far better after his first term in office.

America needs to return to the famous old years, we should be capitalistic and conservative nation again!

Trump is our gift from god!

We are going to help him and support him as soon as he is working for the MAGA project!


(h/t) The Gateway Pundit

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