WATCH: Why Didn’t You Vote?! Hillary Rips Apart Women Who Didn’t Vote For Her!


Hillary Clinton’s brand new book describing why SHE believes she lost the Political election 2016 is really a loser exactly like her. ‘WHAT HAPPENED’ abounds with finger pointing at various women. It’s a sour account with a politician who nevertheless can not face the truth that SHE’S the actual loser.

The most recent group to become accused of wrongdoing within the election is actually any woman who did not support Clinton. She believed women might blindly choose her due to the fact she’s a female. What she didn’t understand is that she was only a terrible candidate regardless of gender.

Is it surprising to anybody out there which she had no idea that she’d lose? Can it be videos such as this that turned off EVERYONE:

How Hillary Attacked The Women Who Didn’t Vote For Her!

In essence, Hillary is upset at EVERYBODY and EVERYONE that desires her to simply go away!

Breitbart News documented:

Hillary Clinton, in her political campaign post-mortem launched Tuesday, tore into women who did not vote for her unsuccessful presidential candidacy in November as well as regretted this, saying ‘these people were searching for an absolution which I just could not give. ”

Clinton’s book, What Happened, is a furious account showing how she lost to President Trump within November. One of the multitudes of people/countries/events she finds responsible for her defeat are women who did not vote for her.

In the book, she discusses the Women’s March in D.C. and other locations across The united states as “bittersweet” as it contrasted the excitement of activists with the insufficient enthusiasm which her campaign was welcomed.

While she called the occasion “awe-inspiring upon Twitter, she states that she “couldn’t help but ask wherever those emotions of unification, outrage, and passion had been throughout the election.”

“Since November, more than 2 dozen women, had contacted me within restaurants, theaters, and shops to apologize for not voting or not undertaking more to assist my campaign, ” she writes. “I replied along with forced smiles and restricted nods.”

Clinton after that recounts a flash when a mom dragged her daughter in order to apologize to her for not voting. She records chillingly that this girl had her head “bowed in contrition. ” However instead of feeling remorseful for the woman being ashamed, Clinton states she wished to pile on.

“I wanted to look right into her eyes and say, ‘You did not vote? How can you not vote?! You abdicated your obligation as a citizen at the most severe possible period! And now you would like me to help you feel better? ’” she stated. “Of course I did not say any of that.”

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